Home made hand cream

I have written about how to make your own hand cream before, but so many people ask me about it so here is my recipe again.

I feel very passionate about this as most commercial creams contain parabens and other harsh chemicals. What is the point of taxing your liver without having fun? Those are my hands, by the way, on the sculpture.

You’ll need;
1 lemon
almond, coconut, olive or safflower oil (good quality)
a small 2×2 cm square of pure bees wax. It has to be pure bees wax as some contain a lot of chemicals
1-2 tea spoons of cocoa butter (optional)
2-3 drops of pure essential oil – not fragrance oils as they are synthetic. I like to use lavender or lemon oil for this cream.
Small glass jars for the cream

How to do it;
Squeeze the lemon, strain the liquid and measure the amount you have; it should be around 45cl.

Measure up the same amount of oil in a separate vessel, and add a little bit more oil, say 10cl.

Melt the beeswax and cocoa butter on a very low heat on the stove

Add the oil – I use almond and a little bit of macadamia oil because I have the most shockingly dry hands from handling all that clay and plaster.

Use a whisk to blend it all together and then add the lemon juice.

When you have a nice emulsion, remove from the heat and add a few drops of your essential oil to the mix. Whisk until the mixture is cool. I cheat and place the saucepan in a bowl of cold water to help it to cool down quicker. Decant into your glass containers and keep the cream in the fridge.
Because the cream contains lemon juice it has a very limited shelf – life. but the lemon juice is so good for your hands it is worth the trouble to make a new batch of hand cream every 3-4 weeks. If you would like the cream to last a bit longer, then use pure water instead of lemon juice.
I love using the cream on my feet as well but it is too rich for my face.
If you would like to make a larger batch then just double the quantities.

You can’t go wrong – if your cream starts to separate then you haven’t whisked it enough; heat it up in the saucepan and start again.
The entire process will take no longer than 15 minutes.


About Anna

I am a ceramic sculptor living on the South coast near London, England. My work is influenced by my experience of the earth as a living being and seeing how we are all connected with eachother and with the things that surround us. I create ceramic torsos using molochite clay which I often smokefire in galvanised dustbins. I also make House Gods to protect and amuse, and Fat Birds - little smokefired sculptures that tell the story about what it is like to be a fat bird at peace with its surroundings.
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3 Responses to Home made hand cream

  1. pimpmybricks says:

    I must have been having a senior moment because I read that as “ice cream” and almost didn’t read it.

    Quick question – how long does it keep? This ice-cream come hand-cream.

    Actually, another question. What IS that sculpture? I’m mesmerised by it. Mesmerised by the expression on her face, which seems to be somewhere with both pain and pleasure in it, mesmerised by the hands, one of which I note is around her neck. I keep going back to have another look. Oh!



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