Body cast commissions

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It is a great privilege to be asked to create a ceramic torso for a client. I start off by taking a body cast which I then turn into a plaster mold.
I can then start to create a torso based on what the client would like to express.  So much can be told within the framework of a torso sculpture.


Everybody’s story is different, and I love to catch a mood or expression be it…


…for commercial purposes or a private commission.
If you would like to commission a torso in bronze or ceramics, then I  would be very pleased to hear from you.


About Anna

I am a ceramic sculptor living on the South coast near London, England. My work is influenced by my experience of the earth as a living being and seeing how we are all connected with eachother and with the things that surround us. I create ceramic torsos using molochite clay which I often smokefire in galvanised dustbins. I also make House Gods to protect and amuse, and Fat Birds - little smokefired sculptures that tell the story about what it is like to be a fat bird at peace with its surroundings.
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3 Responses to Body cast commissions

  1. Shards Of DuBois says:

    wow those are really cool. I especially love the one you did with wings… 🙂 love me some angels. the rest of your blog is very interesting, you are very talented in many ways!


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