Creating Woman from water and clay

The subject of this painting by Robert Wilhelm Ekman (1808-1873) is the beginning of the Kalevala, the birth of the world, and the Finnish goddess Ilmatar, mother of all.

The spellsong  by the Swedish group Hedningarna is about the goddess Ilmatar who was impregnated by the sea and the wind and then gave birth to the world and the first man.
The translation of the poem has a fault; synti does not mean sin, but birth. So the text should be ‘ lift my birth from ground beneath me – and not lift my sin from ground beneath me…

Blue Mermaid


These ceramic torsos are celebrating women as Goddesses; made from water and from clay, from fire and from wind.

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About Anna

I am a ceramic sculptor living on the South coast near London, England. My work is influenced by my experience of the earth as a living being and seeing how we are all connected with eachother and with the things that surround us. I create ceramic torsos using molochite clay which I often smokefire in galvanised dustbins. I also make House Gods to protect and amuse, and Fat Birds - little smokefired sculptures that tell the story about what it is like to be a fat bird at peace with its surroundings.
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