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Mindy, the tame-ish seagull

Asleep in the sunshine – the first sunshine for weeks Someone’s knocking… knock-knock on my crock! It is Mindy, the seagull  – and she’s trying to eat my shoe. But crocks taste foul. Hmmm… Perhaps…? Could it be? There’s a … Continue reading


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Mindy, the seagull

I have written before about the seagull who decided she wanted to be part of my house hold. A little girl who came to stay for a while named her Mindy, and the name stuck. Mindy would enter my house … Continue reading

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Love and Jealousy

Mindy is a seagull who’s  been nesting on my roof for three years now. She is very friendly to me, but she has got issues with my cat, Skittle.                                                                                  In fact, I would say she is a bit jealous of his … Continue reading

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