Ceramic Plaque

This is the final edition of the ceramic plaque I started a week or so ago


Now all I have to do is to make sure it doesn’t warp during the drying process!


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Ceramic plaque, July 4th

I am using paper clay for a series of dream – diary inspired plaques; this is the first one in the series.

Day one; after a few hours in the studio,  thoughts and dreams begin to escape from my head and show themselves to me..I am expecting dire nightmares but feel cool as a cucumber…The monster top left IS blowing fire, but I’m not scared. Yet.



Leaves and flowers are sprouting from my ear…yeah.

Day two;


More leaves and a dragon fly. There are also some more flames coming out of my head…


I have now paced the studio floor for hours and I think this is it…
I’m going to wait until tomorrow to see if there is more.




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Summer solstice fox

Picking raspberries for breakfast this beautiful solstice morning. And there he is…
fox 20 june 14
Foxy. Fast asleep in the early morning sunshine.
fox 20 june

I can hear him snore as I tiptoe closer … Will he rush off in a panic if I get too close?


But breakfast calls…So needs must; I start crashing through the raspberry canes, reaching for the juicy red glorious berries…Mmm


As I tramp about filling my bowl, the cool little fox just turns over, yawns, and, covering his nose with his beautiful tail,  falls back into a dream.
I have never fed him, and I don’t know how he got so tame. The only thing he seems to fear around my house and garden is…
SkittleAsleep (1)_edited

The Skittle Cat. Lord of all he surveys. Should have called him Greebo.

Happy Solstice, everyone.


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…and still, I rise

This has to be one of the most life confirming poems. It is written by Maya Angelou.

May she rise, far and wide, in her new adventure.


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Garden and Fox


So many plans for tidying up the garden today; but how can I mow my lawn with a fox fast asleep in the middle of it?

So instead I do some light weeding; the recent rain has made everything shoot up overnight


The tree fern is looking very impatient…

DSCF4674_editedThis palm tree used to live in a pot in my greenhouse. I’m guessing she likes it better free range.

DSCF4672_editedLambs ears, roses and figs…


Fox is curious about my chicken poo pellets

The bees are mad about my echium pininana



…and fox says; chill.





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A clutch of Fat Birds winged their way out of the studio over the last few days

Fat Birds,

which is rather nice.

I am beginning to plot new adventures in the studio; it is great to be able to enter without experiencing palpitations.


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Hastings May Day/Jack in the Green

Sunshine, and I finally join the throngs of people gathered to love this town, celebrate and release the spirit of Spring; they’ve been hard at it for days – I’ve heard the drums echoing between the hills and up the valley.

I am greeted by the Green Man; he daubs my nose with green paint

…weaving my path in and out between people


I come across a golden man with a pained expression


The Pentacles are drumming…drumming and their beat anchor me to the ground

A giantess arrives.
Followed by Asterix
The drums fill me with joy, smiley people in fancy head gear; yeah, it’s all good.

But, soon, very soon I am back on the hills and can gaze upon the gatered humanity from a distance.


The sun is covered in a light mist and it has turned hot and humid


Chilled people enjoying their lovely town…


Bluebells glimmering amongst the bracken, and on the other side of the valley people are ritually slaughtering Jack, releasing the Spirit of Spring for another year.


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New Beginnings…

I’m finding a huge confirmation regarding the issues I wrote about in my previous post. I wrote about shedding my career as a sculptor, selling my house and about not knowing my next step forward.
This astrological reading reminds me of an old Dylan song that goes something like;
‘Well, now time passed and now it seems
Everybody’s having them dreams
…I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours’

The syncronicity is staggering.


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I’ve  always disliked Easter, especially Good Friday (who the * thought up that name?! What exactly is so great about an execution?)
Besides, I resent being patronised by someone taking on – and suffering! – for my sins. I am firmly with Patti Smith on that score. My sins belong to me. Me! How very dare anyone presume to suffer on my behalf? I cannot even begin  to deal with the guilt involved in that bargain.
And then, during the last few months, I have begun to see the beauty in shedding. Like the snake, or perhaps like the lovely Jesus, I have begun to remove the things I thought I liked, or craved, or associated myself with, from my life.
My thoughts, my dreams; some as solid as concrete, others more aesthetically pleasing; shimmering like dragonflies or clouds – I doubt them all.
It all started with a feeling of profound boredom at having to identify myself as an Artist. I was never good at Networking, or applying for exhibitions or grants from institutions like the Arts Council. In fact the very thought of self promotion leaves me numb. I’m no good at it. This notion has been creeping up on me for years.
Now, I freely admit to doing what I do; I do create …oh, you know,  stuff what goes on walls or sits on table tops. But a while back I burned all my promotional stuff and I stopped going to my studio. Every time I picked up a lump of clay I ended up having palpitations.
You may have noticed a lot of lyrical waxing about my garden during the last few couple of months on this blog. There is a reason for that.
I know that new things will emerge; but for now I am barren.

Then I put my house on the market and watched in dismay how it got snapped up within days by cash wielding Londoners.
My garden, my studios, my gorgeous views across the valley and towards the sea, my raised beds, my apple tree. I just hope they’ll adore it the way I have.
Yesterday, my friend organised an Easter Fair, and persuaded me to join in. So I collected things from the past from attic and cellar and sat watching soberly as my Python snake-skin stilettos bought for me in Bangkok by an old lover vanished in one direction while my handmade Nepalese paper sketch books disappeared in another.
And today the bon fires have continued to roar, fed by snippets from my past history.

And so, what has all this got to do with Easter?
Well, it occurred to me that perhaps there are many different ways of looking at Easter. Perhaps everyone has to die in a small way in order for something new to be born? Perhaps we all have to be willing to go through this upsetting process of giving up some of our identity, give up on things that used to be important to us  in order to experience some kind of resurrection, some sort of new beginning?
I really do not know.



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Happy Spring Equinox!

After a long and challinging winter we can now step in to the spring sunshine and celebrate six glorious months where the days are longer than the nights!
The Skittle Cat, Lord of all he Surveys, bid you a Very Happy Spring Equinox!DSCF4381_edited
We took a little stroll around the garden this morning and this is what we noted;

Last year’s apples have almost completely rotted away; instead of serving as a blackbird smorgasbord, the ground is now hosting lungworth, primroses and daffodils to provide nectar for bees and butterflies.
So many wild primroses!
This is a Victoria plum singing its song.

The fig is busy unfurling its leaves; there are already new little fig nodules nestling close to the branch.
May we all enjoy a glorious new turn of the wheel because here comes the sun!


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