Blue Simona, ceramic torso

Collection Low Res 016_edited

Ceramic torso, 53″ x 34″
I just discovered her in the cellar. It was probably made 3 or 4 years ago. It is glazed and then smoke fired, which is where the black markings and patterns come from. I used Indian wood blocks to create the patterns in the clay.

see more at

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Residential Ceramic Workshops

workshop Guillaume and Emilie blog

Hastings is becoming a very popular tourist destination so I have now decided to sign up with Airbnb.

If you fancy a holiday at the seaside with some creativity thrown in! This is one such creative weekend.

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Studio Parrots

I think I may have come up with a new diet for my pesky, sculpture munching parrots!


Here is BoBo this morning, suspiciously eyeing herbs and salad from the garden…


BiBi joins him…


…and we have a result! They seem to prefer rocket gone to seed. Which is great, I have masses growing in the garden. I’m trying to tempt them with wild garlic as well – it might cure BiBi’s upset tummy.

…it does beat having them munch my artwork.

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From the lovely green ferns about to unfurl in the garden or the patterns on my finger tips, the water gushing down the drain or the galaxies high above my head; they are everywhere. Spirals.  People have been incorporating them in their sculpture for many thousand years, and we do so still.
This is Swift, a male ceramic torso

The size of the sculpture is 51″ x 40″ and it can either be hung on a wall, or

…stuck on a plinth. Instead of glazing, I used bronze filler and graphite powder  mixed with matte varnish and painted that on. Then I spent many happy hours polishing back with wire wool to expose the bronze bits

bronze effect finish, detail

To see more of my work, please go to 

fern fox blog

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Black dog ceramic plaque

black dog 2

Self portrait with a v. black dog and a few other thoughts spilling out from my rather fragmented skull. The black dogs still have a flavour of Bali and the wood carvings I saw there.
The plaque is about 12″ x 10″.
It cracked when it went through the…

…smoke firing, but I have managed to fix it. You can find it listed here on my website.
I made another plaque, featuring a similar black dog


This plaque is a bit bigger, though. It is called Bali dreaming and I guess it shows my very ambivalent feelings about the island. It is paradise, yes, but also there is a feeling of menace and madness so strong you can almost imagine Spirits and Bogeymen behind every palm tree.
I guess what is happening right now in Bali with all these people lined up to get shot pretty much sums up the island for me. The sense of occasion, of theater, the mingling and mixing of brutality with poetry (nice coffins, hand carved!) is a heady drug which can confuse and disorient.  I, for one, will be lighting a candle at midnight, and my dreams will be nightmares whether I am asleep or awake.

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Early morning at studio

If there were a pause-button, I’d like to find it.

It is early morning, and the sun is rising behind my apple trees and roses
The pond is waking up
as are the ferns
My raised vegetable beds are in there, somewhere behind the artichokes. I allow the rocket, the forget-me-not and the brassicas to finish flowering as much as possible before I weed them out and collect the seeds. The bees love them!
Back to my studio and the Skittle cat for some work.

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Bronze effect finishes; ceramic torso


I’m playing around with finishes at the moment. This ceramic torso has been bisque fired and then I mixed some bronze filler with matte varnish and painted it on to the sculpture. I then polished with wire wool and poured some acid on top of the torso in order to get the verdigris thing going.

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Studio view and Ceramic Plaques

So in love with the view from my studio window, and the worship continues. I stare at the walls, I dance round the floor, I talk to the parrots – sometimes I make plaques. Sometimes I smoke fire them in my trusty dustbin outside.
Point is, I still haven’t a clue what I am looking at. It is still on the outside of me; the view is a view is a view. It is something I look at but the moment I turn away, it becomes a memory. I can’t seem to capture the essence of what I feel when I look out the window.
It amuses me and it makes me mad by turns.
Anyway, this is a plaque, glazed and ready to go into the smoke barrel.

and here is it after having being smoke fired
It cracked, but getting closer, perhaps.

To see work that isn’t actually cracked, please go to


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Art Couriers vs Ceramic Sculpture

It is great when you sell your art work, but if the client lives far away, then what?
I have tried a few courier firms, and where as most times my sculptures arrive in one piece, other times …

Yes, well…This was my Blue Angel sculpture before she crashed.
Copy of IMGP2301_edited

So now, I try to deliver my sculptures personally; I’ve got these ancient Samsonite suitcases, and as long as the collector doesn’t live too far away, a day on the train is quite amusing.
Yesterday, I delivered a ceramic torso to a lady in Cambridge; I felt surreptitious and furtive like a goon; a quick rendezvous outside the station, both of us in dark glasses, a flurry of bubble wrap and crying babies and then back on the train with an empty suitcase.
This is a link to my website, where you can find more torsos and other work.

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New parrot roosting site; my ceramic plaque


I used to quite like this ceramic plaque ‘Pellitur Paternos’ (it means ‘expel the parents’ – graffiti seen on a wall in old Pompei, or perhapsit is a phrase from a poem by Horace)
But now that it is being colonised by the infernal parrots, it is kind of trashed. I love the birds, of course, but since I let them out of their cage they refuse to go back in. Problem is, I don’t blame them.
Birds of a feather; I’d rather not be in a cage, too.
Next step; nappies?
baby wall plaque, detail 2_edited

This is a detail of what it looks like without being covered in parrot poo.
And this an installation I made in a crypt in St.Mary in the Castle, based on a couple of hundred similar ceramic plaques

Bridal Ch. inst. SoCo_edited

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