Ceramic workshops in Hastings

I run ceramic workshops from my studio in Hastings. A ceramic workshop session is a great Christmas present for yourself or someone else. The workshops are mainly run on a one on one or a one on two basis. This way everyone has a chance to develop their own interests and get exactly what they need from the sessions. Be it a unique christening bowl for their grandson’s christening, a sculpture, a ceramic plaque; there are many occasions when only something very personal and unique will do.

workshop Guillaume and Emilie blogbut sometimes I will run a workshop for hen-parties or other big groups. I can cater for up to eight people.
My studio is situated on a quiet road overlooking the Old Town and the sea. There is plenty of free parking on the road outside.

You can read more about the options on my website – this link will take you there. http://annakeiller.com/workshops/
I look forward to hearing from you.


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Ceramic Plaque


‘Blowing the Storm Clouds West’ Ceramic plaque 19cm x 22cm. Hooks at the back for easy hanging.

And this is a song to go with it; Tuuli (the Wind) by Hedningarna




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Night of fire and smoke…

so this time I trashed my ceramic tiles…

A smoke firing usually takes about 24 hours from start to finish. Not all the ceramic plaques made it, but I think I can work with these two;


‘Whistling for Snow’ This ceramic plaque measures 23 cm x 20 cm. I was experimenting with salt and fertilizer bombs…the snowflakes are actually exploding bits of Growmore. Hah. Her hair is glazed with Botz brush-on glaze, but the rest of the colours in this piece come from metal oxides, smoke, salt and er, Growmore.

‘Blowing the clouds west’ There is a certain theme developing here, I know.
I have used a tiny bit of transparent glaze along with the copper oxide on the vegetation, but the rest of the colours are copper, manganese and red iron oxide plus smoke…
The plaques are hung from a wire at the back.
If you like to know more about my smoke firing technique, you are welcome to join me on a workshop. Here is a link to how that would work. http://annakeiller.com/workshops/

To see more of my work, please go to my website www.annakeiller.com

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Home made beauty products

So  I had a bit of a surprise when I went to my local Boots yesterday and saw a natty little product costing £15 containing coffee grounds, salt and coconut oil – it is sold as a ‘luxury’ body scrub. Looking online later, I found that there are a lot of posh companies selling old, used coffee grounds for an awful lot of money.
In Sweden we talk about flogging tinned porridge.
Thing is, coffee contains a lot of chemicals (not least caffeine) that are really good for your skin, and if you mix it with coconut oil, you have the perfect product.
The coffee grounds I use are pretty coarse, which is fine for the body, but if you want to sort puffy eyes, for instance, you need to speak to the nice people down at Costa & Co and see if you can lay your hands on their used espresso grounds. Espresso is a lot smoother than your average cafetiere ground coffee.
So, the recipe is; get your coffee grounds, mix them with coconut oil, salt and perhaps sugar and use it as a scrub in the shower.It is messy, and the coffee might well stain your tub unless you wash it off, pronto.

2 dl used coffee grounds
2 table spoons coconut oil ( Aldi sell jars of organic coconut oil for less than £3)
If you fancy, you can add salt or sugar to the mix. I would use a t-spoon or two to this mix.

Get wet, use the scrub, try to leave it on the skin for a few minutes while you wash your hair.

I also like to make my own hand cream. You will need.

the juice of one lemon.
almond, coconut or olive oil
a small amount of beeswax
cocoa butter (optional)
a few drops of essential oil – I like to use lavender, lemon or frankincense oil

Melt a 2 cm x 2 cm square of beeswax (and 1 teaspoon of the cocoa butter, if using) in a small saucepan on a very low heat.
Add the oil – you will need a bit more oil than lemon juice. Say you get 1 dl lemon juice from your lemon – you then need 1 dl oil + 1/2 dl . Whisk the melted beeswax and the oil together.
Then add your lemon juice and whisk the cream together. Remove from heat, and keep whisking – at this point your aim is to keep the cream from separating.
You can place the saucepan in a bowl of cold water as you whisk- this speeds up the process.
You should get a smooth yellow-ish product. If it didn’t turn out that way, then return to the saucepan and reheat it very slowly while whisking. If the cream is still separating, you’ll need to add more oil.
My hands get constantly cracked by the clay I use and this cream is the only thing that sorts them. Great for my feet, too. This cream is very greasy, so a little goes a long way.
Pour the cream into a clean empty jam jar. It will last for a few weeks before the lemon juice goes mouldy. You could leave it in the fridge – but hey. Just use it up quickly.







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Ceramic Art Sale

Copy of Bum29-1_edited

Flower vase – red amaryllis look rather fine in this ceramic vessel; it measures  42 x 25 cm
The vase has a bronze effect finish with a red glazed heart on both sides…

This is the other side…Yours for £175. Plus transport/postage
Find out more on my website http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/torsos/

Thank you for looking!

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Studio sale – ceramic work

So the studio sale is progressing – and here are a few more ceramic torsos and ceramic angel sculptures that are up for grabs.

I remember making this torso several years ago using a fern from my garden …
Yours for £175 plus postage.

I cast some sprats from the beach in plaster and here they are…
Blue Mermaid ( with shoal of fish ) yours for £175

Plus we have another Ceramic Angel sculpture coming up:


Angel of the Storm Clouds. £225 plus postage. This sculpture comes in 3 parts for easier transport.
To see more please go to my website http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/torsos/

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Studio Sale – Ceramic Angels


This Scorched Angel fluttered off this evening..the studio sale is in full swing!
But I found another lost Angel in the attic needing a good home

This is the Angel of forest and lakes. I call her the Angel of the Woodlands.
She was one of the first ceramic angels I made, and the wings don’t fit as snugly as they could. In fact, the sculpture is made in 3 parts, and the wings are separate – but they do not have grooves in them so the torso lies on top. There are hooks at the back, so it is easy to hang the angel and the wings on a wall. It weighs about 2.5 kilo, all in.
I took plaster casts of tree bark, moss and ivy leaves to incorporate in the clay walls – but the lizards are not real ones, you’d be glad to know.
The wings are smoke fired, because I so love that slightly burnt-out look, but the torso is not.
This is a link to my website where you can find out more about the Woodland Angel and other ceramic torsos that are offered at 50% off the normal price. http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/torsos/
Thank you for looking!

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Studio sale – ceramic bowls

So the studio sale is in full swing! I find it so exciting!
I thought I’d upload some of the ceramic bowls that are included in the sale.
Copy of DSCF0646_edited
Stag beetles! This bowl has a bottle green shiny interior, and the outside is raw and unglazed and the effect of the smoke firing is staggering. It is  appx 11” x 4”

‘My life in the Sea of Ghosts’ is pretty much built on the same notion. Shiny immaculate inside and a raw outside. Loving it. 4” x 8”

Collection High Res 007_edited_2

A Fish Bowl. 15” x 7”.
You can see a further selection of bowls on my website. http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/bowls/ The transport is not included, sorry.

And here is the link to my ceramic torso page again. http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/torsos/

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Studio Sale

angel-sept-16I have decided to sell all my ceramic torsos and some other odds and ends that is hanging about in my studio at half price.I want to start working on different projects and I need the space. If you would like to have a look at what is on offer, then this is a link to my website page for the torsos.
This ceramic angel comes in 3 parts –  I made the wings separately for transport purposes – and it is about 37” x 23” (90cm  x 55cm). It is glazed and then subsequently smoke fired in one of these…

smoke dustbins blog

…my trusty dustbins. I just love the randomness of the process and I love how the smoke paints and caresses the surfaces.
Mermaid with green fish. She measures 19” x  17” ( 50cm x 44cm) and as with all the torsos, there are hooks on the back. She is not smoke fired.
Yours for £ 175 plus transport. The best thing is of course if you make a visit to my studio in Hastings – then you can see what the sculptures look like in real life.There are some contact details on my website.
These sculptures also work as wall sconces.
I will upload some ceramic bowls in the next few days – but here is a link to my website if you’d like a sneak preview. http://annakeiller.com/portfolio/bowls/
Thank you for looking!



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Studio clearance sale

Clearing out my studio! Starting with the torsos.
I used to base my ceramic torsos on live casts –

…which I turned in to molds. I would then layer clay inside these molds and create individual pieces. Like so;


2016-11-07-2016-11-07-001-024_editedLady and lizards.
All torsos are going at 50% off – but transport is not included.You are very welcome to come to my studio sale in Hastings to see what is on offer.
2016-11-07-2016-11-07-001-027_editedDetail from the torso above.
Here is another one;

I used hydrangeas from the garden for this ceramic torso. It is smoke fired and the copper oxide has partially turned red in the reduction fire.
You can see more ceramic torsos on my website and I will upload more during the next few days.

Thank you for looking!

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