Sold, ceramic torso sculpture


I made this ceramic torso a few years ago and I must say I was rather pleased when someone put his hand up for it…I have destroyed all my plaster molds, so once my torsos are sold, then that is it. I cannot make any more.
This is where you find my remaining sculptures.

Thank you for looking.



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Sold- ceramic torso sculpture


One of the last three in the Berry series has found a new home in the Netherlands.
A nice Dutch couple, staying at my Airbnb, fell in love with the sculpture that was hanging in their room…
I like the colours in this one; they are all the result of smoke firing

Manganese and copper can create all sort of fabulous colours when smoke fired. To see more ceramic torsos, please visit my website


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Ceramic Workshops in Hastings

I love running ceramic workshops. Usually my workshops run on a one on one or one on two basis, but I sometimes get Hen -party bookings and …well. Prosecco and clay do mix rather nicely.

DSCN0875_editedHere is Steffan and Matt discussing glazes in my studio.


The colour effects here blow my mind; I think it is a mixture of two Botz brush-on glazes, but I must find out exactly what happened so I can use it on some of my own work! You can see what the doll’s head looked like while Steffan was glazing it in the first picture. The glazes look red and white; I think it is gold and white mixed.

This bowl is glazed with Botz ‘Karnival’ brush-on glaze.The glaze contains little crystals that explodes when fired in the kiln. I like the effect and I may try to get some crystals to  add to other glazes, too.
The Skittle – Cat is never far away from the action. He is 17 now, but still likes to oversee proceedings.


To book a workshop for yourself or as a gift for someone, please go to my website here.

Thank you for reading!





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Fat Bird sculptures

The Fat Bird sculptures have been flying the roost at the rate of knots and I am pleased yet sad to see them go.

I have updated my website with some new ceramic bird sculptures as these all sold.

This is a link to new goodies

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Weather Shamanism

Now, I am not a Shaman.
But I enjoy going on inner journeys in a directed manner; call it Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Journeys, Active Imagination; the techniques are many and startingly similar.
My preferred technique is to listen to drums or drum for myself; three beats per second is the rhythm your brain needs for a certain amount of time in order to switch from everyday brainwave patterns to Theta. Theta brainwaves occur naturally in sleep or deep meditation; ah! but you can cheat.
The shift to Theta happens to everybody, there is nothing deep dark and mysterious about the process.
But the bit I find interesting is where you program yourself before you lay down on the floor to listen to your CD or prop yourself up against the sofa with your drum and beater.
I may have come across something – usually about myself or life events – that I don’t understand, or I may have had a dream I want to explore again without my mind getting in the way with its predictable answers and suggestions. I also use this process in my work in the studio.
This time I wanted to see if I could shift the rain clouds that had been hanging over my town for months, and move them on to America where there was a long term drought.
I wanted to try to communicate with the clouds.
So I went to my normal space inside my mind and I started.

I climbed up to the clouds and I begun to blow them West, towards America. The clouds moved a little way, and then they sprung back. This happened a few times so I decided to investigate. Moving among the clouds  I noticed that they were all tied to strings, and so I followed the strings down and down….

And this is as far as I’m telling the story today. I have still to make the ceramic plaque that will tell you what happened next…
Here is a link to some more ceramic tiles containing stories.The image above is still to be fired and glazed.



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Foraging for food

I took a walk to some nearby hedgerows to see what was available for my  stir-fry.


I found, from left to right, dandelion, sea-beet, wild chive, three-cornered garlic, primroses and alexanders.
But I only found a tiny bit of sea-beet; someone has found my secret space and picked most of it. Or perhaps it is I who have raided his beet spot in  the past…

Sea-beet. It is also called wild spinach. I really like the taste. Like spinach but kind of soapy and with a tint of salt.
On my way home,clutching my bag of goodies, my back packed up and I got stuck in a hedge.  I had to call a cab to come to my rescue. Luckily they know me by now.
I need to get that back sorted.



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It is spring; we are busy!

Gloriously solemn, giddy with excitement! we perform our mysterious ceremonies of spring.
DSCN0822_editedBadger has been out gathering fresh bedding for her nest underneath the privet hedge

I clone artichokes and plant lettuce for the slugs.
The bees perform intricate dances among the early spring flowers
But hang on;

I am not sure who is moving in here just below the badger sett. The hole is too small for a badger or fox, and we have no rabbits in these parts…


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Ceramic torso sculptures

Today I’m updating my website with a few ceramic torso sculptures.
Collection High Res 019_edited

This is one of them; not strictly a torso though!
I made the sculpture with an old Swedish fairy tale in mind. It is called Bergtagen, which loosely translates as being spirited away (into the mountain).
I suppose it can be seen in many different ways, and I’ll leave you to decide where you go with it. It is a cast from an original sculpture made of plaster and wood.
the abduction 2_edited

This is a link to my website page where you can find out more.
Thank you for reading!

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Ceramic plaques

I have just updated my website with some ceramic plaques that has not previously been available for sale.Because I liked them that much.
View from the studio 1_edited

It is all the same view, and it is what I see from my studio window. I am still worshiping the Great Goddess in all her glory; I’m learning to see what she looks like.
View from the studio, night_edited

This is probably my favourite. Some may call it ‘pastoral’ and whatnot. But man, I was in ecstasy. All my ceramic tiles are smoke fired, which means that you bung them into a dustbin filled with dry leaves, sawdust and odd bits and bobs once you have glazed it.

And then you strike a match and go away to have a quiet drink and a prayer.

View from the studio 2_edited

I rather like this one, too. It is meant to be thunder and lightning as seen from my ceramic studio.

And if you would like more details, it is all here, on my website.



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Sold Fat Bird sculptures

These two Fat Bird sculptures winged their way across town during Easter.
I will soon be uploading some more ceramic bird sculptures onto my website.
You will find the remaining flock here

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