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I was befriended by a tiny fox cub a few summers ago. He must have been tamed by a neighbour because he showed no fear around me.
foxblog 6

He would follow me around the garden and he had a thing about shoes…

fox blog shoes 2

foxblog shoes 3and he kind of liked feet.

foxblog 4

But he suddenly went away and I had a couple of other foxes turn up; they were mangy and ill and not terribly chatty. I did treat them with mange medicine but I never really bonded with them.


Here is one of them lying in a banana box awaiting his doctored dinner. You can see that he is quite bald on his back leg ( to treat fox mange, you can get Ivomec or Panomec from your vet for a few pounds. You give them 0.125 ml in some cat food or other absorbent food he may like. A fox will need at…

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Art and

Hmm…All these labels nobody really bother to define.
What does the word ‘art’ mean? If it is another word for ‘collectable’, ‘blue chip’ then surely Grayson’s products fits the bill to perfection?
If ‘art’ is to do with representing inner visions or reality seen through the prism of an individual mind, then maybe other words need to be invented to describe what is going on?
My issue with the word ‘art’ – the concept of the word ‘art’ – is that both mass media and the public seem by that blanket definition to expect a product that is not only comfortably individual – unique but not too unique – but also commercially a good investment. And this expectation changes according to time/culture/space. Still the word remain the same. Art. We are meant to all agree to what it is by osmosis, perhaps. The word wasn’t even in use in it’s current form before 1888. Yet, Rembrandt was such a great ‘artist, wasn’t he? Hmm.
Is it even relevant to use that word when talking about old masters?
I know art dealers do. Bankers do. But really, is it honest to pretend that our culture’s overriding obsession with money, hierarchy and wealth should be a true indication as to the true value of someone’s vision and observations?
I hate museeums – I cannot visit these institutions where guards and bars protect what should be freely available to all humanity.
My problem with Jonathan Jones’s article is that while I totally agree with his conclusion, I still feel he is being dishonest as to his own role in this sorry mess.

I am sorry I cannot make the article visible on this page – you’ll have to click through to read Jonathan Jones’s piece in the Guardian.



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So very danceable – can’t keep my brushes still –


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Residential ceramic workshops in Hastings


I am running short residential ceramic workshops from my studio in Hastings.
Perfect if you fancy a short break by the glorious seaside along with a chance to try your hand at pottery.

I also teach the wonderful, random art of smoke firing.
Please follow this link to my website to find out more about my ceramic workshops and how to book them.
And this is the link to my Airbnb rooms.




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Ceramic torsos – angel


Very smoke fired ceramic torso with a pair of wings; the piece is made in 3 parts and the dimensions is about 23” x 37” or 60 cm x 93 cm.
I like the way the wings are seriously scorched.
This is the last one in the series. You can find more info about the sculpture following this link

Thank you for looking!



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Ceramic bird sculptures

These two ceramic bird sculptures flew off to Somerset today…

They are about 5 – 6” tall and almost the same in circumference…and they are made from smoke fired clay.
To see more Fat Birds, please visit my website.

Thank you for your visit.


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The beauty of dissolving


This is how you can re-use old clay. Allow the water to dissolve and break down old structures.

then, you dry the clay slurry on plaster bats and start again.

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Hen parties and clay

DSCN1098_editedClare is getting married in the morning…
Her sister Lucy arranged for the hen party to come for a ceramic workshop to make some celebratory  hens. And pheasants. The plan is that the bird sculptures will be ready for the wedding and displayed during the celebrations.

After a few glasses of prosecco, it all went swimmingly.
Have you got something to celebrate? Or some ideas you’d like to turn into clay?
I’d love to hear from you!
You can find me here



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Smoke firing One on One Workshop

Alexis Mary has just returned from Austin, Texas, with a load of ceramic sculptures she wants to smoke fire.
She booked a One on One smoke firing workshop in my studio in Hastings.  I really like her work, and I think smoke firing might suit it very well. And once you know the basics, you can experiment on your own to achieve the effects you want.


She daubs some red iron oxide on one of her stunning vases with Mousie Tung, the nosy cockatiel, on her shoulder.


some amazing work goes into the bin…

And once the oxides are applied to everything, the work can be loaded into the smoke bin outside on the patio.

Alexis Mary adds sawdust, soot, salt and some other magic ingredients and sets fire to the lot. (Love that bit!)
The sawdust will smolder all through the night. And.

The next day, at about 4 pm, the bin was cool enough to remove some absolutely magnificent sculptures.
To inquire about, or book, a workshop, please go to my website .


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Sold, ceramic torso

So I got an email from an art collector in Sydney who wanted to buy  a ceramic torso he had seen online. My favourite, as it happens. Swift, a male ceramic torso with a bronze effect finish…which took me two days to apply.
So all that was great, except I did scratch my head a bit about how to get it safely from my studio in Hastings, England, to Australia.
And once you start looking for couriers/shipping options on places like uShip, Shiply and other auction sites, you come across so many dodgy outfits, it is unreal. I must have spent a full day online, searching. And the more obvious couriers, such as Parcelforce or DHL, offer no insurance and I have seen the size of their lorries…
Finally Joe, the client, came up with a firm that’ll  undertake to ship it.  They’re called Pack & Send and they’ll insure the parcel as well as pack it professionally. And they offer a door to door service. Happy days.

To see more of my ceramic torsos for sale, please go to my website.

Thanks for looking!

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