End of sale; bowls

So a few more bowls have fled the nest.
I am really pleased.

Sold…a glazed and smoke fired bowl with fish on the outside and a white shell on a deep blue, shiny back ground on the inside….I really liked this one.
green eggshell bowl, blog
and this is sold, too. I wanted it to look and feel like one of those birds eggs you find lying about in the spring when the little bird has hatched.  So perfect, so fragile.
Collection Low Res 006

and the ceramic bowl depicting Hastings beach finally found a new home, too.
I am pretty pleased.

The couple who came to see my studio wanted to buy my house as well.
I shall have to ponder.
Hastings. Or Bali. Or some Swedish forest.

It is a bit of a conundrum, all told


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End of Sale

Tomorrow is the last day of my mega sale. It has been great and I feel so much lighter now that I can move more freely in my studio. So thank you!

I have thrown away all my torso molds so that has also cleared up some space. So if you like my ceramic torsos, then now is your chance to secure one as once they’re gone they’re gone.
I found this one in the cellar (ceiling fell in so we had to clear the space)

Tiny, fragile hydrangea flowers are pressed into the clay. They don’t show up very well in the photo. The sculpture is smoke fired and the smoke rendered this lovely luster. Some of my copper oxide turned red as well while most of it remained green. Nice.
It almost made me feel nostalgic for my molds again.
There is something both claustrophobic and reassuring in doing what you know well.


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Sold – Ceramic torso sculpture

This ceramic torso recently sold at the Alter Ego Gallery in Battle

as did some Fat Bird sculptures


Which is rather nice.

To see more of my work, please visit Alter Ego or check out my website  at www.annakeiller.com

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Ceramic pomegranates; I like making them because I am addicted to the orange glaze. It is made by Botz, and it is a brush-on. After it has been glaze fire in my electric kiln, I put it in a dustbin, cover it with sawdust, dry grass and leaves and set fire to it. You can see the luscious effects of the smoke on the glaze. Mmmm.

I’m holding a small pomegranate sculpture, it is about 7”


But they come in various sizes; the biggest being 11”. And, my clear-out sale is still going until the end of January! There is a 50% discount on most of the prices quoted. Transport is not included .

See more here



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Ceramic Torso Sculptures

My clear-out sale will continue for the rest of January; so if you haven’t nabbed a ceramic bargain as of yet, you know what to do.


This Mermaid sculpture is half price for a few more weeks;

As is this sculpture of a Naiad water spirit

Lady of the Forest going for a song…as everything is 50% off the stated price. Delivery is not included so please contact me for delivery options.
To find out more about these ceramic torsos, please go to my website

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Weeping song

This is the ultimate weeping song…but I won’t be weeping long

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Ceramic bowls

I am having this clear – out sale and everything is 50% off.

Copy of DSCF0646_edited

I like this bowl. The inside is glazed bottle green and the outside is un glazed but I have daubed manganese, copper and red iron oxides on and then smoke fired it. It is about 11” x 5”


This is pretty much the same idea, but instead of stag beetles, I have incised the outside with fish and glazed the inside blue. This too is smoke fired.

smf blog 3

Love them dust bins!
Please go to my website for more info

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Ceramic sculpture sale

Black Dog plaque, glazed and smoke fired 12” x 10”. This is definitely a pick up from studio sculpture as it is quite delicate.



I call this one Bali Dreaming – This plaque is a bit bigger 17” x 11”  It has oxides, under glazes and glaze stains on it. You can find out more here
As before everything is 50% off the price stated om my website, but transport is not included.
Thank you for looking! www.annakeiller.com

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Closing down sale- get yr flippers and hats!

Everything is 50% off – I’m selling my house and moving to …blank space…and all will be well, but I cannot schlep all this gear round the world so I have ordered a skip.

Oh, and again, my website is www.annakeiller.com.


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Time to move on!

I’m having a clear-out sale!

Transport is not included! I do this Airbnb thing so if you want to come to Hastings and spend a few days looking around this gorgeous part of the world , while filling up your car with goodies, then you’d be very welcome!

and, here is my website


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